What Are The Best Reusable Baby Nappies? – TotsBots EasyFit STAR Review

Firstly, a huge congratulations on researching washable nappies! You are taking an important step towards helping the planet by looking in to organic and reusable products 🙂

TotsBots EasyFit STAR White Reusable Washable Nappy

    Size: One Size (8-35lbs)

Who doesn’t love the old plain white nappy?  It’s a great basic design, easy to use, and yet packed with so many great features, all of which make for a sensible green option.  At the heart of this reusable nappy is a super absorbent bamboo core, with a ‘stay safe’ dry buffer zone to keep that smelly liquid well and truly locked in.  Another couple of great features are the ‘no leaks ‘waterproof tummy area, with a Velcro tab (it’s great) as well as the very cute ‘hook and loop fastenings’.  Tots Bots have their own washable EasyFit fleece liners that ensure your baby can stay dry for up to 4 hours and will also help reduce nappy staining.

The liners take up very little room in both your home and in your baby bag, allowing you to stop carrying around such bulky products.  Slip a couple of liners in your bag and you are good to go!


Super absorbent bamboo core

‘stay safe’ dry buffer zone

Velcro tab (it’s great) as well as the very cute ‘hook and loop fastenings’

Easy to clean

Liners take up very little room 



A newborn/premature size would be good option

Price can put people off, but you will save a fortune (and the planet) in the long run



Yes you may be thinking that it’s expensive for a nappy, but trust me you really will save a fortune.  These nappies are so comfortable for your little ones that you don’t need an extra layer of clothes.  Sleek, basic and reasonably priced, I would recommend the TotsBots EasyFit all day long.  You won’t regret your purchase.

6 thoughts on “What Are The Best Reusable Baby Nappies? – TotsBots EasyFit STAR Review”

  1. Great information! I’m due with my 3rd baby in December, I haven’t ever used sustainable diapers but you’re post makes me want to look into them more!

  2. I enjoyed reading your article on What Are The Best Reusable Baby Nappies? TotsBots EasyFit Star Review. I love these organic Nappies. I didn’t know they made them. I am going to buy some for my grandbaby. Thank you for sharing.
    Warm Regards ~ Margaret

  3. Thanks for this article! This sounds like a great product – I’ve always been in favor of reusable and organic products that can help the planet – and in this case, is comfortable for the baby too. This sounds like good investment to pay for in the long run.

  4. I love that more people are transitioning to organic stuff. This article is informative and I’ve always been drawn to organic/reusable/environment friendly stuff. Thank you for this!

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