What Are The Best Organic Baby Bath Products? – Bath Time Fun!

What Are The Best Organic Baby Bath Products?

When it comes to parenting, there is a whole new level of responsibility for the parents.  Parents want the best for their adorable babies.  The period during the initial years of the new-born babies flies so quickly that you hardly get any chance to try out which product suits your baby or not.  Here, the error and trial method cannot help you!

The bath-time is probably the most fun time for both the parent and the baby.  Seeing your little-one splashing water all over you is one of the incredible moments a parent can have.  It’s fun and essential for taking special care of your baby’s hygiene.  Doctors recommend bathing babies 3-4 times per week.  But how to choose the best products for the baby bath?  In a market full of options, it’s like going on a treasure hunt for finding the best baby bath products.

Easy!  Let me help you out to choose the best for your little champ.

What do you need to know about any baby bath product?

While the market is flooded with bath products specially designed for babies, many of them are not skin-friendly as they claim to be.  With thorough research, you will come to know the potential damage of chemicals like parabens, fragrance/ parfum, PEGs, propylene glycol, and SLS (sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates).

Babies have soft-sensitive skin.  Always avoid these chemicals to keep your baby safe!

Organic products are here to the rescue!

Organic baby bath products are here for our rescue! Organic products have gained so much importance in maintaining a healthy way of life, and now, new parents are also looking to give their baby the most natural start possible when it comes to skincare. Pamper your babies with the best! Organic baby bath products are made up of natural ingredients that nourish their skin without causing any damage to your fluffy little one!

Some of the best picks!

Whether you are looking for the best organic baby shampoo, baby body wash, or baby soap, you have come to the right place.  Recommending some of the best organic baby bath products for making the bath time simple, safe, and fun!

Babyganics Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

This fantastic organic product by Babyganics contains all-natural ingredients, including essential oils, black cumin, sunflower, cranberry, tomato, and raspberry!  All these magical ingredients leave the baby’s skin hydrated and healthy.  It is super mild, having no parabens, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, mineral oils, or synthetic dyes and fragrances.

  • It is cruelty-free!
  • The majority of the ingredients are certified organic!
  • It comes in foaming pump packaging that is easy to use!
  • It produces a thick foam

Buy Babyganics baby shampoo and body wash from Amazon

Best Organic Baby Shampoo by Dr. Bronner


The Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap by Dr. Bronner is all in one soap! It creates a mild foam that is not at all drying. It is One of the most gentle skin care products available for baby baths on the market. It is 100% authentic.

Take care of your baby’s eyes while rinsing the shampoo as it is not “Tear-free.”

  • All organic ingredients.
  • It is bio-degradable.
  • Certified organic baby bath product.
  • It is unscented.
  • It contains a double olive oil formation that helps to keep the baby’s sensitive skin moisturized.
  • It helps prevents the dryness of the scalp.

Buy Dr Bronner’s baby unscented Pure-Castile liquid soap from Amazon

Best natural shampoo by Erbaviva

This natural and uniquely mild baby shampoo is absolutely lushus with it’s scent of organic Lavender and Chamomile.  It is so gentle against the skin that it is perfect for new-borns or people with sensitive skin.  A little really does go a long way and you do not need much of this product to get a lovely lather of freshly scented shampoo.

This shampoo is a wonderful scented addition to bath time!

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Best organic baby wash by Organic Babies

This scent-free organic wash and shampoo is so kind to sensitive skin.  Your skin will feel so hydrated and it can produce a lovely gentle foam.

This natural baby wash is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and if you are searching for organic options then I highly recommend this one.

  • Protects skin from irritation and dryness
  • Natural protective properties
  • Scent-free
  • Great value – a little really does go a long way

Buy Organic Babies scent-free was and shampoo from Amazon


If we go back in time a few years back, the choices for baby bath products, especially the organic ones, were so limited. No doubt, so many options can easily overwhelm the moms, but natural baby products are here to help you in this sea of harmful products available on the market. Organic baby bath products are sustainable and safe. These products ensure to keep your baby’s sensitive skin away from the toxic chemicals. Try using organic towels and washcloths. Choose your favourite organic baby bath product and keep your baby clean!

Happy parenting!

7 thoughts on “What Are The Best Organic Baby Bath Products? – Bath Time Fun!”

  1. It is so important that we start paying attention to what we are putting on and in our bodies instead of ‘whats convenient’ and ‘affordable’. Thank you for researching the best products and putting them all in one place for us! I will be bookmarking this page!

  2. Wow! When my daughters were babies, they had super sensitive skin and still do today, but in different ways.
    I had no idea there were so many harsh chemicals in baby products. I’m not even real sure they had “Organic baby products” when they were babies.
    This is such great information and I will share your site with others.
    I like the idea of the “Babyganics” body wash and shampoo all-in-one. That would make bath time a little easier, not having to juggle so many bottles. The natural ingredients in it sounds lovely as well!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great read and review on organic baby bath products. My kids are a little older now but my cousin has just had a baby and I agree you have to be careful of chemicals as one of mine has eczema so we have to be weary of these. I will forward this post to her so she is aware. Thank you for the information

  4. I think it’s especially important to use safe and natural hygiene products with babies since they are much more susceptible to negative hormonal effects from xenoestrogens like parabens and phthalates. I would recommend them for adults as well but it’s very important for children growing up because even small amounts of these compounds can affect fertility and reproductive health. Your recommendations seem very good!

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